Можно ли у новорожденного констатировать прогерию

Можно ли у новорожденного констатировать прогерию

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There are two popular approaches to positioning with CSS : float and absolute positioning. Both approaches have their pros and cons. My teammates and I have developed a new positioning approach that gives us the best of both worlds.

Many website designs are based on a columnar layout with a header and footer. With absolutely positioned layouts, it is almost impossible to position the footer if the columns can grow vertically.

Our use case was even more complex: my team was developing a web-based WYSIWYG form generator that allows the user to drag items to arbitrary locations on a canvas. To accomplish this, we tried using floated positioning inspired by the Holy Grail technique.

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  • That was a problem because if the width of the postal code field needed adjusting, or if we wanted to adjust the amount of whitespace between fields, the city field would need to move as well. The more elements on a page—the more cells in your grid—the more tedious this kind of adjustment becomes.

    Additionally, the positioning is sensitive to the slightest change in a number of parameters, which makes it nigh impossible to control in case of dynamic form items. Next, we tried using absolute positioning. This gave us much more control over the positioning of the items and is robust. But absolutely positioned elements have no height, and that caused the containing element the canvas to collapse.

    This made it hard to position content without making everything absolutely positioned—which is impossible to achieve with dynamic content. Finally, we tried a solution based on finding a way to calculate the left offset from a fixed position, as opposed to calculating it from the right edge of the preceding element.

    Our method starts by building a grid of lines and items. We can place any number of items on a line and any number of lines in the containing element:.

    Every item has an extra sap-content div with several purposes:. The generic CSS applied to these elements is as follows:. To position a particular item, all we need to do is give it a negative margin-left and a width. For example:. The margin-left is now offset from the right side of the canvas instead of from the element to its left.

    With faux absolute positioning, we can align every item to a predefined position on the grid as with absolute positioning but items still affect the normal flow and—thanks to clear —have many of the same advantages as normal-flow elements.

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    Another advantage of the technique is that it mitigates much of the fragility of floats. When the content of a floated box is wider than the box itself, it pushes the next box to the right and by consequence, the box often drops down. With faux absolute positioning, the box to the right stays in place, no matter what.

    Honestly, I was a bit surprised that the technique worked so well. It uses valid HTML 4. It is even possible to use faux absolute positioning recursively, e. Faux absolute positioning is very much inspired by and intended for grid-based design and is more rewarding with more complex layouts. If you have a two-column fixed-width design, this may not be your technique of choice. Additionally, faux absolute positioning will not work for every situation.

    Можно ли у новорожденного констатировать прогерию

    If you want to align elements on the left, you cannot use a unit that is different from the unit in which the width of the canvas is defined, because you cannot calculate the offset. For example, if you have a canvas width: px and want a left offset of 2em for your item you cannot calculate the margin-left because you never know how many ems fit in pixels.

    One remaining issue: when an element larger than the canvas precedes other elements in the HTML source , the trailing elements on the same line will be pushed to the right by an amount equal to the difference in width between the the first element and the canvas. The first example is a three-column liquid layout with fixed side columns, like the Holy Grail.

    Faux Absolute Positioning

    I have implemented this layout as a template for Drupal , a popular open source CMS. There are a few things to note:. The second example is a five-column liquid design in which canvas, lines, and items are all sized in percentages. The addition of images, borders and paddings have no effect on the overall positioning, even for images that are larger than the containing element, as is demonstrated with the old map of Maastricht in the example. The approach is also very stable, since elements grow vertically if necessary, and the layout does not break when an image is wider than the element, for example.

    The positioning of items is independent from the source order in HTML. I am quite enthusiastic about this approach and see many opportunities for it. Feel free to try, experiment and post your comments. Thank you. With complex layouts I always end up with what seems like unnecessarily complex CSS, so an additional way of positioning is welcome indeed.

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    Now I just need to clear some time of my schedule to try it out for myself. It seems very much like BluePrintcss which is based on the a grid layout also.

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    Very intriguing. Great article Eric! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Можно ли у новорожденного констатировать прогерию

    Very interesting find you and your team did. The technique sounds very promising, and I will definately do some testing. Great article, seems to be an effective and simple idea. My partner pointed me to your article, and I was just starting to cleaning my messy CSS job for an Joomla site.

    We are always fighting with positioning and made it fully funtional with all browsers. Always had to use tricks, but this way sounds like a smart solution.

    In my opinion, it suffers quite severely from divitis. No thank you. The trick is to do it with as little unnecessary markup as possible.

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    Using the second example, I swapped item 6 and item 8 so the written content came nearer the beginning of the html order. It works, it looks exactly the same without having to change the CSS. You mentioned having implemented this technique into a Drupal theme. Is that theme available somewhere? In answer to my own question in 14, yes!

    I was fully aware of the need for a lot of structure in the markup. However, there is no sound alternative yet… , no matter how much CSS you throw at it. And, on the upside, the markup is pretty straightforward. So I get into work today and see this article posted in my RSS feed and was blown away. With this I can achieve fluid or em widths with a max-width what I prefer with ease.

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    I also work with Drupal and might have to do something with this. Oh, and this could be the missing technique that frees BluePrint from pixel width layouts. Negative margin used this way is a hack in itself, although not a browser specific. Positioning is not what the margin is supposed to do. This is something I will store in my arsenal for specific situations, but it is definitely not a best practice when it comes to layouts. I want to have a navigation column on the left that spans the lines of content in the middle and right columns.

    How can I achieve this using your technique? I think that absolute positioning is seldom used amongst serious developers, floats are the norm 2.

    But the hacker in me loves that someone has come up with a solution to the problem of having absolute positioning that affects layout.

    I needed to make an IE 6 fix for a page. Instead, I noticed the page had the basic elements that could utilize this technique.

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    So I rearranged the code and applied this method. It worked perfectly. It even made the CSS in the original cleaner and simpler. You have three elements, all floating and you want them to be centered in the screen.

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    Also on small screens you want the floats to wrap. Since float only knows left and right you have no way of doing this without a fixed content width. I made it fixed now, and the wrapping element for small screens is lost. When experimenting with a big negative margin, which I though back then might solve the trick wild guess I noticed my horizontal scrollbar disappeared, and that made me stear away from any negative margin that extends beyond the canvas.

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  • But the fact that you to had to go through this trouble to get a decent layout is sad. It really highlights how inadequate CSS is. I want to see both the CSS standard and browser support improved! Still more scrutiny is needed….

    It took me a few minutes to understand Ward was taking about the layout of the article, not the examples. ALA staff: help is needed here…. Michel and Michael are right in concluding this technique will not in itself render a horizontal scrollbar, even if the screen is very small. I have 3 columns, but rather than the content float to the right of each other, they are appearing on separate rows.

    I had previously been using the float technique and fiddling with margins to get everything to sit right. I will like to find a simple alternative for the example 2.